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Our Privacy Policy
At Prairie Hearth Designs, our mission is to meet the expectancies of our clients. In an effort to achieve our goal, we would like to clearly define our position with regard to the Internet, our Web site and your identity. The following outlines our information gathering and disbursement procedures for our site located at

To improve our service to the marketplace, and to maintain certain functionality on our site, we use registration form (s) which require you to give us contact information. This contact information including name, e-mail address, etc. is used for the benefit of all so that we may communicate important information about our services and your account.

Individual users may opt-out of receiving specific mailings by selecting appropriate boxes throughout our Web site. Unless otherwise agreed to by electronic signature, information about you is not shared with outside organizations or sold to any other 3rd parties. Although we deploy leading technology to protect against misuse of your information and encourage our business partners and affiliates to maintain the highest standards we do not have control over information not directly relating to our site.


Contacting Us:
 If you have any questions about our site, this privacy policy, or our general procedures, please
email us.

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